Now its Bush’s fault..again…because of the poorly run war in Afghanistan

It seems the white house is pointing fingers at Bush…again…for the war in Afghanistan. The same person that before he left office, made sure there was an increase in troops being sent, much to the dismay of congress and had to fight congress everystep of the way for the final two years he was in office to manage Iraq and Afghanistan.

Someone needs to remind Congress that its pretty much the exact same Congress he (Bush) was dealing with his final two years is the same Congress Obama is dealing with now.

“A Change We can Believe in”…..providing we can keep pointing fingers in the past


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  1. No problem. If I were Obama I would start a draft and let all the Republican’s and their children who have lived the easy life for the past 7 plus years head to the front lines. If McCain/Palin had won the election they would be asking for more patience and accusing Democrats of being unpatriotic. Bush ruined the gains early on in Afghanistan when he decided to lie to us all and embroil us in Iraq. He broke the army. The only smart thing he ever did was fire Rumsfeld and bring Gates on as SECDEF. Obama has paid more attention to Afghanistan in 6 months than Bush ever did. I think the Republicans are frightened because we may end up in Afghanistan for a long haul that could result in a draft which would include those Republicans that never put any of their loved ones in harms way. They may have to finally put their money or loved ones where their mouths are. To be fair there are a lot of Republicans and Democrats who have loved ones in harms way over there in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Its the Armchair warriors of Fox News and the likes who I speak of.

  2. I’ll up the pot there and say…that there are many republicans who might say the same towards health care…let the dems pay for it out of there taxes.

    And the whole ‘Lie’ thing, to be fair, he went off intelligence, perhaps that intelligence was not correct and the management of it afterward was poorly run, but given the circumstances and the amount of time he gave Iraq to stop playing games, he had no choice. Thats why there were so many countries supporting and approving the attack on Iraq at the time. As we found out later the intelligence was wrong and yes from there on out, things should have been done differently, but he certainly did not make up the information given to him…But I can’t blame his initial reactions. After 9/11 I would have done the exact same thing myself after Hussain kept playing games with the U.N and U.S.

    And I doubt you and I are ever going to see a draft in our lifetime..although to be honest, I’m not against taking a cue out of the book of Italy and everyone must serve the country, might help some appreciate what they have a little more.

  3. I guess if it were possible only to Tax Dems I think I still would pay for Healthcare Reform. Not necessarily government run healthcare but at least make it so Health Insurance companies would have to honor people’s claims. Make Health Insurance just like Car Insurance. Depending on the circumstances I could have a better chance at getting my car fixed than getting a test that could save my life because some desk jocky at a healthcare firm decides I don’t need the procedure because it hurts their bottom line.

    You are correct that a draft will never happen. Wishful thinking on my part.

    As for Bush I guess we can agree to disagree.

    Its nice to have someone respond intelligently though instead of throwing the regular “Moonbat” “Socialist” blah blah stuff I usually get back when I comment. Of course I’ll admit sometimes certqain issues just throw me for a loop and I end up doing the same thing.

    • I’m glad you appreciate the comment. The point of this blog is to hopefully point out the funny, the bad and the other side of both sides, because let’s face it neither is perfect

  4. It’s a much better take on the issues than I’ve seen. I like the idea.

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