America…You are out of a recession!

According to Biden and some economists out there, the US is out of a recesssion

As of today, Unemployment for July (August numbers wont be out until Sept 4th) is at 9.4%, the housing market still looks appauling, the stock market has looked liked crap for the past few weeks and I’m pretty sure everyday its got a big fat red arrow pointing down and not the nice green one going up and my 401k seems to have a constant rash and no medication out there is fixing it….and not to mention we have no idea how much this Kennedycare Health Care is going to cost us, yet.

If we are out of a Recession….HELP! I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong.


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  1. I read that story and seriously was wondering what Biden has been smoking. It sure as heck has to be illegal!

  2. I’m no economist but I don’t trust Biden on this one. The Fed says that the US unemployment rate is actually 16% if you include those who have stopped looking for work althogether (given up) and those working less than they would like (have had their hours cut etc.).

    And as you say the stocks are still down and in addition, industrial production has completely fallen off the edge of the earth. We may just be in a fool’s paradise at the moment. Hopefully not though.

  3. It just concerns me, that there are so many other things wrong at the moment and this Health Care agenda is still being pushed through.
    In understand in one of his election promises O-man said he will fix health care by the end of the year, but perhaps he under estimated everything else that was going on and needs attention first. The govt it seems is becoming too big, too quickly, with too many things going on.
    I will admit, the Health Care system in the US is broken, but before we keep throwing money at the problems, perhaps we need to take a step back and see what is driving up the costs and take it from there. Start from the bottom, without any additional costs to tax payers and see where we go and see where the problems really lie.

    Thanks for reading my blog, your support is much appreciated

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