Spend, Spend, Spend. Stimulus still needs to go on.

President Obama has made it clear that the stimulus program should be limited in duration, and that once growth is established it will be necessary to bring deficits down, Geithner said.

The catch?

No specific time for when the United States should begin to shift away from the stimulus, saying only, “when it’s appropriate.”

“Appropriate”?? I guess that means we are screwed on standby


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  1. Somehow I knew there was a catch to it. Just few minutes ago I posted a very nice comment on Geithner proposal that the stimulus will continue in the United States, as I read few minutes ago, the man was talking about Europe and Asia. And our stimulus was for a limited duration only. That shouldn’t have surprise me, I knew that this administration has a double standard on mostly every issue. President Obama tells you something and some of Czars or aids tells something different, you don’t know who to believe.

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