FBI arrest ACORN workers in Florida Workers on Voter Fraud Charges

Arrest warrants have been issued in Miami for 11 peeps suspected of falsifying information on hundreds of voter registration cards — including registering the name of late actor Paul Newman.

Paul Newman?? C’mon guys that’s just sad, Tony Romo from the cowboys was rather funny, or even Mickey Mouse but Paul Newman is just crossing the line.

Ed Grittith a spokesperson for the State Attorney’s office said “Names were filled out on the registration forms that were not actual voters,”.

Yeah kinda figured thats what falsifying information on voter registration cards means Ed?

But I will give ACORN credit, it was them who turned in these guys….baby steps, they had to turn in a few out of all the people that had done it

People, seriously, is going to jail worth it?? Who ever wins, wins, how can we expect our congress to act accordingly if we are acting like a bunch of dead people beats


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