To be or not to be? The Health Care yap-fest on tonight

Well folks tonight is the night, O-man will address a joint session of Congress in a speech aides say will be to the point.

Damn right it better be to the point as the last time he went prime-time we spoke about Gates and Crowley for a week and then we had to listen to Doctor’s explain why they chose the beer they did, which just led me to drink more.

I’m curious about this “trigger” action they may pull on us, the fact that the Swiss now have a better economy than the U.S, the govt cannot seem to manage the postal service, Bacus and his hooligans of six (See yesterday’s blogs) and the fact that we dont have a co$t, so I sure hope that is in the “points” today.

I’m just confused why we dont try and fix what is driving up the costs of health care before we start throwing money at it. But there again, it looks like Reid and Ms dont you waterboard me Pelosi are telling O-man they have the votes.

This is a big speech for him and could be a huge turning point in his Presidency, will you tune in to listen to Kennedycare the telepromter assisted Obamacare Health Care speech?


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  1. I most certainly will not listen to Obama tonight. I’d rather turn off the TV. I’ve read the summary of what the gang of six is negotiating on, and sometimes you just have to say NO.
    Without tort reform, this is a non-starter for me.

  2. Do you consider Israel as having a socialist government? They have a national single payer national health care system. Are they dumber then us or they have determined the single payer system saves money? Or maybe they care more for their fellow citizens?

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