You Lie!! U.S really does want a monarchy

With all this hoopla about Wilson’s outburts I am shocked.

Was America not founded as a reaction against monarchy? When a Prime Minister speaks, both sides on the floor sound off and you can speak of your disdain. The only person Parliment is quiet for is the Queen, so does that mean we have a new King in town?

And I’m not talking about King Spencer Pratt

American Politicians have beat each other bloody before, a You Lie! comment is nothing

Sounds a little bit like perhaps America never wanted to rid England afterall, free Health Care and not speaking when the President speaks, sounds to me that Camelot might be alive and well and did not not die with Ted Kennedy but only thrived.

God save the Queen King!

I await my hate comments


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  1. No, America does not have a “king”, nor do we need one. Just face it, making an impulsive outburst like Wilson did is flat out rude.

    I cannot believe there are some who are actually trying to justify his behavior, we might as well start handing out soapboxes to all our idiots.

    • I just have to laugh at some people. They are so obviously hypocritical it’s pathetic.

      It is only rude to make an outburst against the president if he is a democrat, because apparently it was not rude when democrats did it to the previous republican president.

      Protesting is only patriotic and American if you are liberal. If you protest as a conservative, then you are a domestic terrorist, nazi, mobster, etc. etc. etc.

      Only liberals can have grass roots movements (while busing in union thugs to their protests and giving people lessons on what to say), while conservatives are astro-turf.

      Like I said, pathetic.

      • Boy do I agree with you. There is a double standard in this country. When are people going to realize that Health care is not the #1 priority for most of americans. It is the economy and jobs!!!

  2. Umm, no hate mail here my friend. It is the responsibility of Americans to “heckle” the President.
    (And yes I supported his campaign)
    Following some jackass blindly is going to get this country into even deeper s**t than it’s in already.

    Good Luck to all the Believers; you’re gonna need it.

    (And I mean believers in our political system)

  3. Obama is a liar and I am glad somebody called him on it. I have no respect for this fraud. The libs didn’t respect Bush.

    • I have heard over and over that “The Libs” did this and “The Libs” did that and that’s why it’s okay to be rude, wrong, stupid, greedy, and a host of other bad things. That argument went out in Kindergarten. Grow up.

  4. Like the young boy in The Emperor’s New Clothes, Wilson had the courage to tell the truth. I applaud his courage!!

  5. While heckling has its place at a political rally or tea party, I do not believe it is proper to heckle the President during a formal address to Congress. Tension is running high enough. Cooler heads must prevail if we are to get out of this mess. And for the record, I voted for McCain.

  6. The respect for the President when speaking before congress is rooted in the assumption that the president actually believes what he is saying. If a president goes before congress and starts spewing bold-faced lies, congress does not have to sit idly by. Congress should not heckle based upon merely differences of opionion. But the President can not expect respect for statements known to be false both by him and Congress.

    • That’s true, IF he was lying. If he isn’t should we not then castigate the loudmouth for rudeness and disrespect to the whole group? You assume that, because the right says it’s a lie that it IS a lie. Check your facts. Who’s telling you these “facts”?

  7. From what is seen here, the “Sleeping Giant” finally woke up! The silent majority has had enough and we’re trying our hardest to get the government to hear us – thus the “tea parties” and our presence at townhall meetings. Instead, we’re being called racists and nazis amongst other nasty names and being harassed simply because we are questioning Obama’s plans for us. Regardless, we need to perservere. If we are not heard, I fear the “revolution” that everyone has been talking about will indeed take place… And it WON’T have anything to do with RACE!

    • Sleepy minority. You’re 18% and falling.

      Wake up!!!

  8. No people in this country want to revolt. Why not when Bush was in office and the country was going down hill quickly. Him and Chaney made out like fat rats with the high oil prices and Chaney made a ton of money using a company that he was affiliated received non contested contracts in Iraq. We did not get to to where we are in 6 months so how do you expect everything to be fixed and turned around in that amount of time? If you did not agree with your superior would you call him a liar during a company meeting? I think that both parties need to find a way to work together. People fail to realize that we will succeed or fail together.

  9. If you believe the Gov’t wants to keep oil prices down and lose Billions of dollars in tax revenue your badly mistaking.Republicans and Democrates will never let that happen.I wish someone would explain to me when health insurance became such a hot topic when unemployment is out of controll,education is a joke,
    the war is escalading in Afganistan and STD’S are on the rise in this country.
    If the Gov’t want’s all AMERICAN children to have health insurance heres my idea.
    All children from birth to the end of thier senior high semester is over can go to a Veterans hospital for treatment. This will force the Gov’t to treat Veterans the way they should be treated and at the same time help American children.

  10. Leave England out of this argument. In this country [America,] we show respect to the President. Your excuse as to why calling the President a liar in the middle of his speech to Congress wasn’t such a bad thing, is a stupid one.
    It’s a pity all of you angry people did not vent your anger when Bush and Cheney got us into the deep hole we are in now. God’s interest is in the heart and not skin color or looks. Shake the hate and get some love.

  11. Never trust ANY politician any farther than you can throw them! Most of them couldnt be rolled over with the aid of a bulldozer. They ALL tell you what you want to hear to get your votes, then when elected they do whatever they really intended all along.Bush surrounded himself with cronies whose sole function was to enhance the finances of the oil industry. He and Chaney thumbed their noses at all but the upper classes (His Base). Obama has surrounded himself with a circle of ‘CZARS’ that dont even try to hide their shady pasts, they just attack anyone who questions them with all the backing of the White House!
    Respect for the office-sure-…Respect for someone who is tearing this country apart-never! We now have Chicago “Gangland” style government in D.C. and it will get a lot uglier in the near future.

    • Right! Gangland. That’s what it looks like to you when a President reaches out to the opposition. That’s what it looks like to you when he’s trying to get something for everybody? Gangland? Bush|Rummy\Cheney did their level best to drown this country in debt. I didn’t hear any cries about conservatives playing to the super rich gang!
      Stop parroting G.Beck and open your eyes.

      • Marcus,

        I’m pretty sure that what Jake did was point out what was wrong with Bush as well as Obama, does he writing put it eloquently with cronies and gangland, no. But he made the point.

    • Jake,

      I think I agree with you more than anyone else on this topic.

      I started this blog to point out the lies and double standards of both sides of congress.

      Hope you come back


  12. That you needed to publish this shows your lack of understanding of government. We have a Democracy. That’s where someone talks and others listen, THEN debate. Shoutouts to you peeps in Alaska, flung shouts from the peanut gallery and all other inappropriate behavior are prohibited in the Houses. Wilson should be censured for disrespect to the office. What will Republicans do next? Moon Congress?
    We all know their party’s done and dying. It should try to die with some dignity!

  13. I am surprised that not one commentary or comment has stated the simple fact of why one does not insult the President of the United States. Like the Flag of the United States of America the office of President represents the People of the United States who ARE the United States and we do not insult or show disrespect to either. The President is the Head of State which gives him/her this mark of respect.

    Some have mentioned the comparison with the British form of government which is not like ours in the simplest sense. The sovereign is Head of State and the Prime Minister governs. The Union Jack their national flag dips to the ground at the presence of the Head of State as a sign of reverent respect. The Flag of the United States dips to no one and never touches the ground because it represents the sovereign nation of the People.

  14. You’ll bend the knee for Obama and preach respect for the president, but you laughed and even condoned thr throwing of shoes at George Bush. Shame on you hypocrites!

  15. I respect NO Government official….They are all liars and scumbags….Like one sign I saw at Protest….”Go Green….recycle CONGRESS!”

  16. No hate comments, but we are not England. This is America and it is tradition to show respect to the President. A shoe was thrown at George Bush in Iraq, not America. Even though I thought Bush was a complete idiot who ruined our economy long before Obama took office, I would never have displayed such a demeaning outburst. There is a time and a place for productive disagreement. Grandstanding during our President’s speech is not the time. Wilson may be a nice guy, but he has no manners or control over his emotions. That’s actually a little scary.

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