You Lie Vs Loser. Reid, Wilson, Bush and Obama much ado ’bout nothing

harry-reid-fingerEven though as I have pointed out that Obama was late to his hearing which should also have some sort of significance as it was very disrespectful not only to Congress but the American public and the networks the hoopla has been about Wilson’s comment “You Lie

Well in true form of politics, much hoopla is about hoopla depending on the team you bat for. Its been shown time and time again that Dems have “booed” Republicans and vice versa.
T’was not so long ago Reid called Bush a ‘loser’ and got smack about it

There are many examples over history of bad behaviour in Politics.

And beside they all lie, so in fact I think Wilson was just stating the truth, if a dem had of called McCain a liar, I would have been okay with that as well.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to. This was a very rude thing to do during a presidental speech. I wouldn’t condone that from either side of the aisle. It was childish as hell.

  2. Wilson was just “stating the truth”? No fact checking organization agrees with this conclusion. The proposals in Congress specifically restrict care to U.S. citizens, and non-citizens would have to purhcase their coverage. Wilson’s juvenile outburst is indicative of the mentality of many people who are so upset about a black man being in the White House that their ability to listen and absorb information has been severely impaired. Wilson says he lost control of himself. This has been the problem with many conservatives during the last 4 months. People who are out of control, ripping their children out of school so that they don’t hear the President’s speech about studying hard and taking responsibility for their education. I don’t know what the solution is for you. Perhaps, therapy or anger management. Maybe reading some history books about the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement would help, too. Clearly, your brain has been compromised and you don’t understand the different between right and wrong, stupid and smart, or subjective and objective.

  3. They all do it…even the O-man, who called clinton a liar.

    A little “parlimantry” action in congress never hurt anyone and besides calling out liar or when Pelosi sat behind Bush at his SOTU speech and rolled her eyes is all of the same thing. Its all disrespectful.

    Its all childish and not one is better than the other no matter what way you look it it. So yes, they are all Liars. And everyone one of them calls the other a liar.

    Anyone could play political tit-for-tat all day. The point is, none of them is better than the other and if you follow blindly and think so, well thats just plain ignorance

  4. First of all, the President is not a child to be reprimanded. You don’t know what went on behind the scene that caused the meeting to be delayed. Were you there? Get your facts straight before you post false statements. Anyway, what Joe Wilson did was inexcusable! We demand higher standards from our “so-called” leaders. If he couldn’t contain himself during the speech, he should have stayed his crazy and uncontrollable _ss(fill in the blank) at home. Where the heck does he get off thinking he could interrupt and disrespect the President in that manner? Didn’t the idiot realize this event was being televised all over the world or was he too self-absorbed? I guess he forgot he was at a civil meeting and not one of those asinine, southern style, redneck town home or tea party environments he was use to. An apology is unacceptable! He knew exactly what he was doing. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

  5. The funny thing is, I’m on neither side and call them both out every day on this blog.

    Fact – he was late, that was not putting anything in writing that was not true, why he was late, I have no idea, perhaps it was traffic, perhaps it was a security scare. Who cares, he was late, 11 minutes to be exact.

    So yes, when you take up networks time and accept the meeting and then chair the meeting, you should infact apologize, for being late that is just common courtesy.

    And like I’ve said before, he was not the only one to ever be disrespectful to a president, both sides have done it, that is another fact.

    And another thing, the President, the local Congressman, ANYONE that chooses a posiition should be reprimanded when they are in the wrong, the same as people are calling for Wilson to be reprimanded, it goes both ways, if you show no manners, whether or not that is not apologizing for being late or saying something when you should not, if you are in congress or a public place, you should be reprimanded, some reprimands should be more severe than others, but they all should be. And I’m sure that would help all people not act like a “asinine, southern style, redneck town home or tea party environment”

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