How do you like your Tea Party?

I have been to a tea party rally, when the I was furious about the way the bail out money was being spent and the outrageous oversights the government had to handing out the money which then accounted for million dollar bonuses from the tax payers for people that in essence ran their business poorly and I had to sit there as congress tried to put the fingers back at these people about taking the money while taking little to no responsibility for it.

I had gone because I had read they were a bunch of concerned citizens that were mad about the way the tax money was spent, and darn it, I was as well.

It was not a massive crowd,like the one in D.C that had around 2 million but certainly in the low thousands, what surprised me, was it had more people that hang to far right. I was hoping it was more of the average citizen wanting a group that you could get behind and could sit on both sides of the fence. A group of citizens to tell dems and republicans that we were mad about wastefullspending.

The amount of spending and earmarks in congress is far too large and far too much and there is no accountability.

Where is a group that people from both sides can meet and at least come together on one thing, that dispite where the problem started, the spending that is going on and the mistakes and costs of bailouts and earmarks are far too much and needs to stop. During the rally I attended, it was not as bad as many you see on T.V and for the most part is shameful, swastikas at a rally is not needed and if you ask me, shows immaturity.

Now before you jump on me about that, swastikas were also shown at anti Bush rally’s, so no side here is any better than the other.

Earmarks are dirty and if you ask me, its just another form of thug money. In essence, you give someone some earmark money to get a vote for something they say they dont believe in, but “pay them off” to get the vote.

Its disgraceful and should not be allowed to happen at the tax payers expense or even be a practice. Period.

Do I think that the health care system he is broken. The is no doubt in my mind it is.

Does it scare me that its going to cost $900billion dollars and makes me want to scream at someone. Yes.


I’m confused about this bill passing and people wanting it to pass, especially after the bail out fiasco.

I dont understand why we dont take a step back and see what is driving up the costs and take it from there. Is it outrageous because of malpracice law suits? Is it outrageous because health care companies are walking away with trillions of dollars in profits? Does it need some price regulation and is not adjusting to regular market prices, for example, when you receive a copy of the bill that goes to your insurance companies, a x-ray is billed to them (or even to yourself) for the cost of $120 per xray, you cannot tell me a resonable price for a xray is $120, technology is far too advanced for it to still be that cost. Just go to a department store and see how much less expensive camers, computers and T.V’s are now to what they were 20 years, 10 years or even 2 years ago.

I dont know, perhaps I am wrong, but before throwing money at this thing, dont you think it makes sense to take a step back and see what it driving up the costs first?

I would just hate to see us throwing money at this and then finding out 4 months down the track the the money was just wasted because of some ‘oversight’ and if we do throw money at it, it is accounted for and anything found to be wastful, must be paid back

Am I wrong?


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