Osama Vs Obama

Here we go again…another tape of Osama Bin Laden with voice only and no video.

I guess the Taliban must be travelling light as I’m beginning to wonder if the Taliban have lost all video and camera equipment over the past several years?

Osama goes on to give the American people a warning:
“To the American people, this is my message to you: a reminder of the reasons behind 9/11 and the wars and the repercussions that followed and the way to resolve it. From the beginning, we have stated many times … that the cause of our disagreement with you is your support of your allies, the Israelis, who are occupying our land in Palestine. Your stance along with some other grievances are what led us to carry out the events of 9/11.”

Well jeez thanks fake Osama D-bag for the reminder.

Fake Osama also offers a few words about Obama saying a vulnerable man who will not be able to stop the war, as he promised, but instead he will drag it to the maximum possible extent. By Keeping Robert Gates as defense secretary — a holdover from the Bush administration, he sees this as prolonging the war terrorism.

Obviously by that statement ASSama is just pissed, as he even knows O-man understands very little about Defense of this country and I’m sure he was hoping the job would go to someone else that had no clue about what they were doing. Well ASSama, even O-man is not that stupid.

Yawn. Is the same message we have heard many times.Osama ASSama is most likely dead, its been 2 years since he was last seen via video and its just a idle attempt to keep the grassroots of terrorism alive, eventually Assama is going to have to show his face or even his followers with the slightest amount of common sense are going to reliaze he is dead or seriously ill. The Cubans and Fidel even know that.


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  1. MESSAGE TO OSAMA PSYCHO LADEN: Your brain is rotting so bad I can smell it from here. Your face is so ugly it scares the scarecrows that are eating your dead eyes. Your distorted view of what Allah, the God you say you love and veneer has created is the view of a worm trying to really mean what is the shoe stepping on it. You are so stupid, crazy, dense and imbecile and sick that you cannot put it through your stinking lice ridden head that if God made everyone within its sacred limitlessness, then everyone including the Jews you hate so much exist WITHIN and separation from one another is impossible. Do you understand this or your chosen evil ways keep you blind to it! WHO THE FK are YOU to HATE what Allah has created? remember Allah made the USA to KICK YOUR SORRY ASS. You talk and talk without showing your real ugly tick ridden bearded face because you are a COWARD and you KNOW YOU ARE WRONG and that YOU and ONLY YOU DISHONOR Allah with the HATE YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE WITHIN ITS PRESENCE. GO and shove an old iron knife into your heart and MAKE ALLAH REALLY HAPPY!!!

  2. OBL has been dead for 5 years….since the Daisy Cutter Days of Tora Bora. Anyone who believes this Israeli propand agenda BS will believe anything the Mosad puts out. Who benefits from this kind of garbage? MIC, DOD, CIA, and of course Tel Aviv. A pox on their houses….all of them!

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