Round 3. Ding, Ding, Ding. ACORN are at it again.

Its almost comical at this point. ACORN are caught yet again with another video tape and judging by the outfits, especially the guy, how on earth did they not think they were on candid camera?

This time in Brooklyn, NY James O’Keefe, 25, (the pimp) and partner Hannah Giles, 20, who posed as a prostitute, received advice from ACORN workers on how to launder their earnings and avoid detection from law enforcement officials while running a prostitution business.

Seriously, I’m opening a brothel and getting ACORN ex employees to run it for me. They clearly know what they are doing.

The ACORN worker says “You have to find another name for it, honesty is not going to get you the house. You can’t say what you do for a living.”

“You know, what goes on in the house we don’t care,” one counselor said. “We just help you with the mortgage.”

Well can they help me with my mortgage?

Counselor Volda Albert suggested that Giles open two accounts at separate banks, depositing no more than $500 each a week to ensure few eyebrows are raised. And so what to do with the rest of the money? Keep it, she says.

Finally there has been some back lash with this as it seems the voter fraud was not enough to deter the Census Bureau, but they have severed its ties with the group, whose members had been hired to do canvassing during the 2010 census.

So, should ACORN be dismantled?


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