The Health Care Propsal is out! At a bargain price of $856billion!

The senate unveiled a summary of his long-awaited health care reform bill today and well, well, well….No public Option

The bill crafted by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana, would cost $856 billion over 10 years and mandate insurance coverage for every American.

Here what I think is wrong, the bill had only Democratic input. Is that right? Should they not have reached over the other side and at least grabbed a couple of people? So much for bi-partisian.

The measure drops the public option favored by Obama and many Democratic leaders, according to a statement. As expected, the plan instead calls for the creation of nonprofit health care cooperatives.

So basically nothing in the healthcare system is being fixed, prices are going to go up as they said as long as people pay the premiumum then they have healthcare, therefore Insurance companies are just going to increase the premiums and people wont be able to afford it anyway…so leaning on non-profit with the billions of dollars is going to head into the trillions of dollars.

Not once, has anyone stopped to address what is driving up the costs of health insurance. Get to the root of the problem, fix that then do a reform bill.

This has disaster written all over it


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  1. They tried to get Republican input and support for the bill, and yet every time the Democrats made a concession, the Republicans said it wasn’t enough. Yet the Republicans wouldn’t offer any sort of bill themselves.

    So you’re right, there is a problem with the bill, it’s a bad one that doesn’t do enough. Just being “bipartisan” doesn’t make something a good bill, especially when 1 party doesn’t really want to reform health care, they just want the majority party to fail.

    • I agree, bipartisanship does not equal good legislation. By dropping the public option and mandating coverage you cannot guarantee affordability, the public option would not necessarily guarantee affordability but it could come much closer. Not to mention that making this concession will not win over any Republicans anyway, so the bill should include that option, remember it is simply that; an OPTION! We should stop trying to cater to people that have no interest in reform to begin with.

      No Public Option, No Coverage Mandate!

  2. Well, they didn’t reach over the aisle, but they leaned toward it at least by dropping the public option.
    The republicans like to say that a public option will drive out the private insurers. But that’s like saying the public school system has driven out private prep. schools. You tell me, how are prep schools doing nowadays?
    The biggest stickler for me is the provision requiring people to have insurance and fining individuals $950 annually and families $3800 if they don’t accept it.
    Really? Fining me for not accepting health care? That’s like fining me for not buying condoms.
    And how do you plan on fining the homeless and illegal immigrants?

    • My biggest problem with all of this is not one person has said “stop”, before we move ahead lets really have a look at what is driving up the health insurance costs.

      Are insurance companies abusing profits? Do we need to have a look at pricing and bring it more into line of what it is worth (for example a extra from doctors is $120, you cant tell me with techonology they way it is now, that a extra is still worth $120 – maybe it is, I dont know, but that is my point) What is the cost of malpractice law suits and how is this affecting us, doctors and insurance companies? It if is, how can we fix it?

      Breakdown the $900billion for us, show us where it is going to be spent. How did they arise at this number? Does it account for inflation? Are we making sure we nickel and dime everything so we dont find out 3 months later that insurance companies walked away with a bug bonus of tax payers monies?

      Where is the country going to come up with this amount of money?

      I am Australian, I grew up in Australia and then moved to the middle east for a couple of years before moving to the states about 9 years ago. I’m very familair with ‘free health care’, what I can tell you, is nothing is free. There is a hidden cost somewhere, so how are we going to pay for this that is costing $900billion dollars, you and I both know money does not grow on trees.

      For example, how much do you pay for your car registration a year? $40, $50, $60 maybe $100 dollars, well in Australia it’s over $600 per year. NO I’m not kidding ( It gives you the breakdown, put in postcode 3000 (Melbourne) your registration is about $183 per year, your TAC charge is $390.00, Your Insurance Duty is $39.00 so your cost is just over $600per year.

      Now here is what you need to know that $390 TAC is called Transport Accident Charge, so if you are in a car accident, your medical bills are covered (although not ambulance, you need seperate for ambulance including air ambulance)…welcome to “free”. Only medical, you still need car insurance whihc is still over $1000.00 per year give or take on age, cars etc.

      There is also not another country in this world that offers free health care to illegals or tourists or anyone else. Not one, if you know of one, let me know.

      So how are we going to pay for it??

      • You make an excellent point. I once lived in the UK for a few years. And vehicle registration is similar, plus the tax you pay when you enter the city with your vehicle. I know I’m not making a great comparison here, because I’m not sure of the public transportation options in Australia, but in London, where I lived, public transportation was excellent. Almost no one drove a car anyway, aside from the wealthy (which explains the number of Aston Martins, Bentleys, …etc. that you see). So the difference is you don’t necessarily need a car, but Health coverage is a near necessity.

        My point really is, as an American citizen whom has lived abroad I can tell you I was much happier with my coverage and its cost in the UK that I am here.

      • Not forgetting when these countries introduced this cost to its citizens they were in the ‘black’ so to speak, it really concerns me that they are throwing this figure and may I add its a HUGE figure out there, without getting to the root of the problem and seeing what they can do without throwing any money at initially.

        Most people are not stupid and if someone in congress would stop treating us like everyone is and everything must be done behind closed doors and away from the “other” team, we might get somewhere with this thing.

        Its a $856billion dollar figure that they have thrown at us over 10 years, the other reason it scares me, is 10 years is a long time, I dont have faith in congress now, let alone where the heck there heads are going to be in 10 years. I mean 10 years is going to take us into at least one other president, maybe 2, but a minimum of 1. And you and I both know if we gave congress a bowl of cherios and asked them to count them individually they would most likely all conclude at a different number.

  3. It’s difficult to fix the rising cost of health insurance without imposing pricing limits, which will never pass either house. That’d be described as blatantly unamerican. They should start with deregulating the market and allowing all insurance companies to compete fairly across state lines. But that’s tough to pass too since the special interest groups continue to put hedge money against that.

    I’ve always compared this issue to the public/private school options. If anything, a public option will drive UP the cost of private health insurance. Let’s be honest, business leaders have always been better at running a business than politicians because they have different agendas. Let’s pass the public option for those that can’t afford privatized insurance, and the insurance companies will get creative about what they offer to counter the gov’t and other competing insurance companies. That’s a win-win.

  4. I just would like to state everywhere I can. If I am told to have health coverage or face a fine, coverage which I don’t see as being any cheaper tomorrow because of the passage of this bill, without the choice of a public option I will never ever vote for any person who sides with this bill. I own a small business that is already over taxed and am struggling to keep people employed. I have overlooked my health for the good of our employees and community. Now I am to be told by the government what I have to do or face a fine. Fine me, I can’t and won’t afford that either. For the record I have voted dem sine 1988 so I was looking forward to a possible public option or major overhaul that would ease a burden on my family.

    • I completely agree.

      No Public Option, No Coverage Mandate!

  5. So Baucus leaves out the public option?? Why? Maybe the insurance companies are getting a return on their investment in him? I can see no real reason to exclude a public option. View it as just another insurance company. If it is the best fit for many people, the private insurers will need to compete for their slice, rather than having it handed to them on a golden operating table by Baucus.

    • Baucus has received over $1.2 million from insurance and pharmaceutical companies, that probably has something to do with it.

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