Finally a ex-president that makes some sense

I’ve been saying for a while now that this whole race thing being bought up about O-man is just redic! There are extremists and crazy people everywhere, but for the most part people just want what is right and dont see a person for their color.

Bill says:

“I believe that some of the right-wing extremists which oppose President Obama are also racially prejudiced and would prefer not to have an African-American president. But I don’t believe that all the people who oppose him on health care — and all the conservatives — are racists. And I believe if he were white, every single person who opposes him now would be opposing him then.”

BRAVO Billy!

Remind me to send you my blue dress a bunch of flowers

Regarding race, the former president was referring to an outburst from Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, who shouted, “You lie!” at Obama during the president’s recent joint address to Congress and also former President Carter’s assessment that racism is an obstacle for the current president.

“While I have devoted my life to getting rid of racism, I think this [health care] is a fight that my president and our party — this is one we need to win on the merits,” Clinton said.

It is so refreshing to hear at lest someone say somethng normal and not crazy on either side.


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