Whats the next step, Obama?

2009-04-30-1205376532113After a week that started with a media blitz on Sunday talk shows and then Letterman on Monday night (Seriously, who thinks when this guy ends his term he is going to be infront of the camera on a weekly basis?) and then news surfaced that the White House had informed New York’s Gov. David Paterson not to run for re-election and signaled that the White House wants Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to replace him.

Where does O-man go from here?

As of this week, I have not heard anything about Health Care, but now how we can save the world and the environment?

We have already heard two big speeched from him and the now infamous photo op meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abbas. And then off to Pittsburgh.

So I ask? Where are we on Health Care and why we are on Health Care does anyone want to address that only 8% of companies in the U.S offer paid maternity leave? Why we all have our hand out, everyone might as well have there hand out and does this affect health care? If not, why?

Hay, Just askin’? These guys seem to be able to save the world within a few weeks so why not? Or is it too much?

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