Israeli Prime Minister rips Ahmadinejad a new one!

Well I guess the photo-op that O-man set up the other day was exactly that, a photo-op.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ripped President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a new one today.

He said Ahmadinejad’s comments were a disgraceful “mockery of the charter of the United Nations.” He said people who listened to Ahmadinejad gave “legitimacy to a man who denies the murder of 6 million Jews, while promising to wipe out the state of israel, the state of the Jews.”

“Yesterday, the man who calls the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium. To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity, and you brought honor to your countries.”

There is no doubt this happened, does the Israeli P.M really need to pull out minutes from the Nazi’s to show this?

Is it just me, but I wonder how these crazy people get elected or is it just rigged?

Its a shame this was even a topic at the U.N summit when so many other things are pressing in the world.


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  1. There is no doubt this happened, does the Israeli P.M really need to pull out minutes from the Nazi’s to show this?

    Exactly because it’s an exaggerated myth to prop up the false state of Israel. Of course they have to keep oy veying and denouncing anyone as “anti-semitic” who DARES question the so-called holocaust. HA…Like Jews have a corner on suffering? Give me a break. I have MANY questions regardingg said holycaust but in some countries those questions can’t be asked. Why? They know it’s all crap.

  2. There is absolutely no doubt that the Holocaust happened and that it should never happen again. There is equally no doubt that the numerous and ongoing Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians should not have happened and should not happen. White Phosphorus shells fired at hospitals is a war crime and should be prosecuted. The murder of innocent Palestinian women and children is a crime that should be prosecuted – you can be sure it will be avenged. This eye for an eye crap has got to stop! The United States has got to stop funding Israeli’s atrocities. Israel has no intention of stopping illegal settlements – they never will. The United States should put it’s money where it’s mouth is and stop funding this terrorist state. The Israeli Prime Minister is no better and no different in his actions than the Iranian President is in his words – the big difference is – the Iranian hasn’t killed innocent women and children with U.S. made artillery shells and U.S. made tanks.

  3. The only thing the Israeli PM left out to say to the midget from Iran is “try it and you will be glassed”. in fact he should have said it to the entire Arab world. Some think Israel to be the Devil and Iran a Saint. Fools!

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