A Domocratic East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer, caught in scandalous pictures?

My, my….what I love about all politicans…sex scandals..Delicious!!!

Eric Brewer is supposidly then woman man behind the scandalous cross dressing pictures.

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer held a press conference and pointed the finger at the East Cleveland Police Department for photos of what is said to be Brewer in drag and various sexual poses.

Who of course denied it.

Either way folks, its juicy stuff and gives the crazy’s on both sides to put fingers at the dems again about sex scandals and the other side to say they dont care about sex scandals.

LOVES IT!! Can you imagine a Dinner party with this guy and Barney Frank, priceless!

In the mean time, I’m just going to say that Eric Brewer, you clearly can work those high heels, you go girl!
eric 1

eric 2
eric 3

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  1. This city needs a wake up call, citizens are hurting and need caring people, who will look out for there best interest. I would like to know where do we find someone like that. I haven’t seen it in any of our city politicians, they run for cover when you ask for help. So why are they seated? Ask Mr. Brewer why did he layoff or terminate 19 people who work for the East Cleveland police force after he lost the election?

    Please visit the web site thealhambraincident.ning.com, this site is dedicated to a family who endured horror at the hands of the Cleveland Police. The parents of a 23 year old college student watched as two officers (who took an oath to protect and serve)beat, punched and kicked there daughter, who had an asthma attack during the beating. Her parents pleaded with the officers to taker her to the hospital from the house, the police did not take the daughter to the hospital, they tasered her and took her to jail. Please look at the site and give support. We must help each other.
    Thank you

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