Polanski arrested, finally. Is it a good thing?

Why I applaued the justice system in continuing the fight to bring Polanski back to the U.S to face charges that stems from the 1970’s, I cant help but finding the whole thing a little appauling.

Do you think they do this for all men who have fled the country or just the ones that can make media and give the U.S system another Horray!

How much money has this case costed the tax payers and how many have been lost through the cracks because of the amount of money associated with this one case?

Am I wrong to think this?

Samantha Geimer is the now lady at the center of the trail and it seems like she has come to terms with it and wants to move on, so after 30 years do we allow a victim to make that choice or go after the case regardless?

Or is it not about the rape case any more, but about him feeling the country?

Dont get me wrong, if he is guilty he is guilty and no matter what time has passed, I think he should serve his time, its the way the justice system works, but I wonder how much this has cost us? But there again, the judge gave him probation and he fled, so is it the rape case or the fugitive case?

Gemier says its the DA office causing her more harm than good, but it was Polanski who got the ball rolling by raping her and then leaving her to face everyone why he fled the country.



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  1. If you have money–lots of rich friends–it does not matter what you do. Even the victim[after being given alot of cash years ago],would rather have him free. I doubt if anyone cares how much it cost taxpayers if you can get him back–it is a feather in their hats. What is sad is” there are alot of men in prison for crimes like this that are actually innocent.” False charges they could not fight–because they were poor and could not run to another country. There is profit to be made and alot of woman are bringing false charges for just that reason!! Most likely–he will go free. How sad.

  2. Roman Polanski want’s to be big and think’s because he has this or that, he is above the law. Hollywood justice system must work in this case more so than anything. He drug, administered alcohol to a woman and then rape her…and then fled out of the country thinking that this was the end. I should say that he’s guilty on all counts no matter what they are! This man actually destroyed this lady well being of womanhood because we will never know how she is really doing emotionally or his she hiding her feeling inside. I know she want this to be gone, but she neds some justice for what happen to her…you would too! It time Mr. Roman Polanski be made to service behind bars because he fled with every attempts to avoided jail for the crimes he commmitted this young lady. He is not above the law just because he lives in Hollywood and perhaps has some status…so that did this younglady.

    • why I agree with you, he pled guilty and would have been given credit for time served, and placed on probation, where this all goes array is he feared the Judge would bak out of the plea bargain deal they came to and fled the country…so it is about the rape case considering a pleas bargain was reached or is it about the fugitive case?

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