More troops being sent to Afghanistan?

Well it appears Robert Gates is certianly considering it.

Gates is inclined to back Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, in pursuing a counterinsurgency strategy, news outlets said yesterday.

However the amount of troops being sent is still up in the air as Gen. Stanley McChrystal would like approx 40,000

SO what does O-man say, well reports are that he met with McChrystal aboard airforce one for about 20 or so minutes on his return flight from his losing bid in Cophenhagan (Hmmm the Olympics and the bid not costing any taxes payers money huh?? I’m pretty sure tax payers pay for airforce one – but annnyyyway)

Robert Gibbs described the discussion as “quick” “robust,” with the president hearing from 17 different people.

Man that sure is alot of people on Airforce one for a return flight home

And of course Hillary had her two cents in and several sources said she was concerned with having enough troops present in Afghanistan to support the Obama administration’s civilian efforts, suggesting she may be leaning toward more additional troops as well.

Not so fast you damn hoppies about to jump down her throat the ever peaceful Hil said she made clear that she favors a more detailed examination of the mission before a decision on troop levels is made.

Once Obama finished all his quick robust meetings he then starting looking for his ego that squashed in Copenhagen.


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