Obama silent on Chicago crime, too busy hanging with Oprah in Copenhagen

So, here he is off to get the olympics and bid for the city of Chicago with the wife and the bff Oprah why a child has been beaten to death and another seriously injured just in the last couple of days in the streets of Chicago.

So what does Obama say about the crime in Chicago?

…I can’t hear you???

….Sorry, speak up. Is that nothing you say?

You off selling a city that seems to have crime issues, education issues let alone a country that is in a serious Health care debate, Financial problems and have serious questions about what is going on in Afghanistan and you are off jerking selling Chicago to the IOC.

That is showing some great leadership. But nice to see you give a shit care about something else other then yourself. I guess you only care about what your wife and Oprah care about. Maybe they should run the country and we can plant trees and eat organic food and ride our bikes to work.

Especially when you couldn’t shut your pot hole about Gates, but I guess a boy that comes from a lower middle class family in Chicago is worthless to you now that you have there vote.


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