U.S Afghan base scheduled to be closed, heavily attacked.

A base that had been scheduled to be closed came under heavy attack on Saturday, killing 8 U.S troops.

The closing is part of a wider effort by the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, to cede remote outposts and consolidate troops in more populated areas to better protect Afghan civilians

The U.S beleive that the insurgents had been planning the attack for days bringing in artilery and attacked when they saw the movement in the base.

How long did the battle last?

Approx 12 plus hours.

Even though the U.S was able to get air support within half an hour of the attack but a series of problems hindered mounting any sustained counterattack. The source said smoke from a fire lit by the insurgents obscured vision on the ground and in the air, and the narrowness of the valley hobbled any intense close air support, as well as constant attack on the landing zones.

So how many insurgents were killed?

Approx 100.

Thats still not enough.

Why do they fight with political correctness, why not just fight? Am, I wrong to think this way?


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  1. Time to borrow from Saddam Hussein’s warfare playbook, and have moats of oil ringing the bases, ready to be ignited defensively in localized doomsday scenarios.

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