Detroit homeless get more stimulus money

Ahhh when will it ever end?

Detroits homeless, yep, homeless and low-income residents get another opportuniy at getting some millions more of the stimulus money.

Why oh why???

It isto help those almost becoming homeless to pay some bills and those who are homeless to find housing?

Soooo the homeless can get housing, but wont be able to get a job because of the poor economy in Detroit and will be homeless again?

So instead of using the stimulus to help shelters and education and courses for the homeless to keep them occupied during the day, we are just going to throw money at them.

How many of the homeless are homeless because of mental issues??? Just sayin?

I guess you do infact have to pay for those votes afterall

If you would like to know about the Application guidlines, click here


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  1. If you have read the application then you know that not one is trowing money at anyone. You probably also know that to-date, the stimulus benefits have not been made available even 9 months after thousands lined up to receive help.

    Education resources are available to those who can’t afford to go to school and I am ane greatful formerly homeless recipient of that benefit.

    Guess what I’m going to do with my education? I’m going to help teens and adults prevent homelessness. Being apart of the solution and not the problem is my choice. How about you?

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