McCain urges for more troops & U.S Citizen jailed in U.A.E for terror links

On the heels of McCain urging for backing of McChrystal’s suggested 40,000 troops in Afghanistan a U.S man was arrested and convicted in the U.A.E for terror ties

So where are we in this “war on terror”? No one seems to know, it seems to be a big mess and the arrests made throughout the U.S a few weeks ago, seem for some reason misplaced. We heard about them over and over again for a few days but previously we heard nothing for a few years and since those few days, we have heard nothing again. I dont know why, but something seems amiss, almost staged….ahhh perhaps its the conspiracy theory going on in my head.

How many U.S citizens do we need to worry about both fighting for the US and against the U.S? Both seem to be on the excalting rise and nethier seem to have the detail they deserve.

In the words of Sen Sen. Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee something seems like its needs to be done “sooner, rather than later.”

O-man and the powers at be need to Focus or get some ADHD meds ASAP. But I guess fighting for the Olympics and receiving a Nobel can take your attention away, you know from the details


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