Obama spends a total of 4 hours in New Orleans. Spent more time in Copenhagen bidding on the Olympics.

Ahhh O-man, flys in, yell about how his stimulus (you know the orginal one that gets yelled out because George Bush signed off on it) is working and how New Orleans is growing and then like a true professional prostitiute politican, gets on a plane a leaves.

Love em’ and leave em’.

The people of New Orleans deserve more than a ‘drive-through daiquiri’ summit with the president,” said Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana and Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana, wrote in a letter to Obama that “if the town hall is the only major event of the visit, I truly think it will be deeply disappointing to most citizens.”

But O-man needs to fly onto Nancy’s land so they can get a quickie in without Michelle, do you people not know how this love affair works?

You voted him, he does not need you until the next election, not even on the anniversary of your Hurricane, unless it falls into election time.


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  1. If Obama would have stayed overnight, he would have been criticized. Reminder: bush flew over NO days after Katrina, didn’t even land. Just tripped over his idiot self praising ‘brownie’ for doing such a SWELL job. To all of the righteous and blow hard censurers of OBAMA, before you start slinging your barbs, labeled with prostitute, drive thru and disappointing on them, you best warn a bazillion of your own kind to duck. And of course you voted for him. HYPOCRITES!!!

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