Stuck in the middle. Harry Reid and the LDS church


Here is a great article from Salt lake Tribune and a blog from one of the many bloggers out there that I thought was worth sharing. Thanks.

Reid who converted during his senior year of college, just last week said this:

“I think some of the most unChristian-like letters, phone calls, contacts I’ve had were from members of the [LDS] church, saying some of the most mean things that are not in the realm of our church doctrine or certainly Christianity,”

There are 14 members of the LDS Church in Congress. Ten are Republicans and four are Democrats

How much of a part does religion have when politicans make their decisions? Should we even take it into account? afterall, we expect a Judge to have no prejeduice, so should we not expect a politician?

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  1. I think there should be no debate among the Church hierarchy about harry Reid’s stand on abortion. It is so cut and dried, that action should be taken. He is out in front trying to get the most liberalized abortion language passed in the new federal health bill. He is not just a member voting their own concience, but someone who holds the power to liberalize the abortion laws to cause the accelerated destruction of the unborn and he is excercising that power. Any sane person can see that his justifications (saying I’m personally against abortion) is ludricrous. It saddens me greatly that the Church doesn’t step in, in an important matter as his abortion stand and give him a choice: show your opposition (really show your opposition to abortion) or accept excommunication.

  2. Mr Reid serves as a representative of American citizens, not as a representative of the Church. His responsibility is to his country, not to his personal convictions.

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