Who fault is it anyway. Parents or Childs? Much Taboo about a haircut!

Ahhh in little ol’ Mequite Texas a hair cut is a much debated discussion. Why? School Politics

Well apparantly 4 yr old Taylor Pugh wants to keep his hair long, the school district want hi to braid ir or cut it and his parents are supporting the 4 yr old.You read right, I said FOUR YR OLD

Elizabeth Taylor said she wants her son back in regular class with his friends. Instead, Taylor has been alone in the library with a teacher’s aide since late November because his long hair violates the district’s dress code policy.

The district’s policy states boys should have hair no longer than the bottom of their earlobes in the front and the top of their collar in the back. And that policy prohibits students from going to class out of dress code.

Taylor said her son likes his hair long.

Ultimately the school board denied the family’s request for a policy exemption.

Trustees said if the boy wants to return to his classes he must either cut his hair or put it up in a braid so that it is not touching his colar or in his eyes.

My what a pretty girl boy you have

Can someone send these parents some info on home schooling?

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