Fair reporting covering the White House and Obama Administration UPDATE: Van Jones resigns

Who is Van Jones?

Well if you watch or read New York Times, Washington Post, NBC Nightly news, ABC World News or CBS Evening News…you more than likely have never heard that he called republicans Assholes.

This is also the man that said ‘Only white suburban kids shoot up schools’

I’m surprised many of these outlets did not report it, you would think for many they would want it out there that republicans are assholes. I’m sure Van Jones would have received a new fan base.

Van Jones has resigned, so I guess we wont be hearing from him anytime soon

Why was a man whom had molested as many as 500 boys only given 9 years in jail and then allowed to travel?

During operation twisted traveller, one man on board the flight is a 74 year old man that police call the ‘Pied Piper of Pedophiles.” has spent 9 years in jail for molesting approx 500 boys. After his release from Atascadero State Hospital, where he refused treatment, records show he traveled to Southeast Asia at least eight times.

1) 500 boys?? Why was he even allowed to leave jail/hospital? 2) Given a passport?

Where are the Human right groups and celebrites now?

Flying on their private jets and pointing fingers at all those less fortunate than them…and reminding us how shitty our lives are


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