Bush was where during the 9/11 attacks? Obama is going to do WHAT?

Q. Does anyone remember where Bush was during the 9/11 attacks
A. Emma T. Booker Elementary School

OH! The melodramic drama about Obama.

I’m not too sure what all the hoopla is over O-man speaking to children at schools. He is the president. Presidents speak to school children.

Sure, perhaps the work book they sent out was a little egotistical and instead of the question ‘How can you help the President”, perhaps have been reworded ‘how can you help your country” or neighbor, but keeping your kids from school seems a little melodramatic.

It does not matter if you voted for him or not, Presidents address school children and providng he does talk about policies and tells kids to stay in school, be nice to those around you and treat everyone with respect, and his teleprompter does not break down, then who cares?

All children look back on the Presidency that they grew up with and have certain memories about a president, this will be one for many of them.

Lets hope though he keeps his notes the right side up


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