Chanting: No More Whores for me – Tiger Woods speaks

In case you have not seen it yet…and care that he “sorry, practising Buddhism, his foundation, screwed some whores, in rehab, going back to rehab and a shout out to Accenture”<a

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Republicans are ‘A**holes’, says an Obama advisor UPDATE – We have the apology

UPDATE – We have the apology from Van Jones


Van Jones, the Obama administration’s “green jobs” adviser, told a group of listeners earlier in the year that the reason Republicans are stonewalling the president is because they’re “assholes.”

Fair enough, I’m sure many of them are as are most politicans. However, as an advisor of O-man, you might want to stop hanging out with Harry Reid and contracting the same disease he seems to have now.

In case you have not heard, time$ are tough out there and it might not be $o ea$y to get another job.

Fast Forward to around the 40second mark

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