They are at it again…..stupidity that is!New Law Bans Flavored Cigarettes.

Yes, smoking is bad. No, I do not smoke. Do I smoke a clove cigarette about once every 2 years and/or a cigar, sure, its not illegal and sometimes I like to do it.

Now, like my cuban cigars, it looks like I will have to get my clover cigarettes snuck into the country via the United States Postal Service hard-core smugglers I know as a law has just passed that anyone selling cigarettes flavored with cloves, fruit – anything but menthol – is a criminal under a ban that marks the continued assault in a new war on tobacco.

And why the heck are we only learning about this once it’s passed? Don’t the have enough bullshit work going on the hill, they have to do this, and no offence, but I’m pretty sure they need all the tax money they can get.

If you dont want people to smoke, then ban cigarettes, get some balls…oh wait! That would be against the constitution. And what does this do for some of the small businesses that have tobacco stores and hookah bars, I guess they go out of business as well, so if you are going to send these places out of business, just man up and do it entirely.



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