“We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government” – Barney Frank

Elmer Fudd is at it again

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I don’t take a dime of their [lobbyist] money, and when I am president, they won’t find a job in my White House.” -Barack Obama

I was reading a blog today and I thought this quote from the election period was a good reminder considering all the health care lobbyist on the hill at the moment.

I don’t take a dime of their [lobbyist] money, and when I am president, they won’t find a job in my White House.” -Barack Obama

Here is a great website to check out as well, it gives the amount of dollars spent on lobbying, how many lobbers etc, etc.

When is enough, enough? When do we stop someone hiding behind a veil of lies and make them do the job they said they were going to do?


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Health Care: Pelosi gives public option a new name

Pelosi thinks that the ‘public option’ needs a new name.

In an appearance at a Florida senior center, the Democratic leader referred to the so-called public option as “the consumer option.” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., appeared by Pelosi’s side and used the term “competitive option.”

“You’ll hear everyone say, ‘There’s got to be a better name for this,'” Pelosi said. “When people think of the public option, public is being misrepresented, that this is being paid for with their public dollars.”

The speaker said the “competitive option” idea emerged during her closed-door roundtable, you know one of the ones where the repblicans got locked out at the Sunrise Senior Center with advocates of seniors and others who work with older populations. Wasserman Schultz suggested the term might be here to stay.

As for having the votes to pass such a measure, both women said a public option would survive. They wouldn’t get into numbers of congressional supporters, but said it was simply a matter of picking which type of public option to pursue.


Justice, not so blind?

If this is true, this is very sad.

Justice concludes black voters need Democratic Party, U.S. blocks N.C. city’s nonpartisan vote is the headline from the Washington Times

KINSTON, N.C. | Voters in this small city decided overwhelmingly last year to do away with the party affiliation of candidates in local elections, but the Obama administration recently overruled the electorate and decided that equal rights for black voters cannot be achieved without the Democratic Party.

WTF??? Thats worse than Lindsey Lohans Tan.

The Justice Department’s ruling, which affects races for City Council and mayor, went so far as to say partisan elections are needed so that black voters can elect their “candidates of choice” – identified by the department as those who are Democrats and almost exclusively black.

I think there are man things wrong with the voting system, but this is just terrible.

last time I checked voting was not mandatory in this country and nor should it be the the justice system get involved. Phish this makes the Afghan election look like its on the straight and narrow.

The department ruled that white voters in Kinston will vote for blacks only if they are Democrats and that therefore the city cannot get rid of party affiliations for local elections because that would violate black voters’ right to elect the candidates they want.

Well then geez, get a ACORN bus in there and it shoudl solve the problem.

“To begin with, ‘nonpartisan elections’ is a misconceived and deceiving statement because even though no party affiliation shows up on a ballot form, candidates still adhere to certain ideologies and people understand that, and are going to identify with who they feel has their best interest at heart,” said William Cooke, president of the Kinston/Lenoir County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Mr. Cooke said his group does not take a position on this issue and would not disclose his personal stance, but expressed skepticism about the Justice Department’s involvement.

Well I feel like I just woke up in the the 1940’s


Only 34 percent of Californians approve of Pelosi’s performance

And I think that is pretty darn high. I’m surprised anyone approves of her performance.

A poll released over the weekend shows that only 34 percent of Californians approve of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) job performance, down 14 points from March

The study polled 1,005 Californians by phone from Sept. 18 to Oct. 5.

I’m wondering for those that came back ‘no-opionion’ have any idea in who she actually is and those that approved are actually her plastic $urgeons.


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The budget is in, U.S is $1.42 TRILLION in debt.

The numbers are FINALLY in folks.

The Obama administration on Friday said the government ran a $1.42 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2009.

Merry Christmas kiddies


Tax receipts for the year fell 16.6% overall, while spending soared 18.2% compared to fiscal year 2008. The causes: rising unemployment, the economic slowdown and the extraordinary measures taken by lawmakers to stem the economic meltdown that hit in fall 2008.

Consequently, the annual deficit rose 212% to the record dollar amount of $1.42 trillion, from $455 billion a year earlier.

But let me guess, this is all the previous administrations fault, forget earmarks, lobbying etc, etc

So of course the mouth peice out of the white house says:

“It was critical that we acted to bring the economy back from the brink earlier this year. As we move from rescue to recovery, the president recognizes that we need to put the nation back on a fiscally sustainable path,” said OMB director Peter Orszag in a statement. “As part of the FY2011 budget policy process, we are considering proposals to put our country back on firm fiscal footing.”

But O-man himself? I’m sure on airforce one somewhere heading to Oprahs house for dinner. NomNomNom.

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Ted Kennedy is taking $20million from troops from the grave

Okay, okay the headline is perhaps a little exagerated, but 20 million is being diverted from expense accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis to pay for an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

Senators diverted a total of $2.6billion from these accounts to pay for certain pet projects earmarks, including Kennedy’s educational institute (sure hope they are not teaching driving lessons) is another 778 such projects and another example is a $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans.

Earmarks are not new in Washington and lets face it, Dems have a history of cutting funds to the troops, its what they do, but perhaps its time for this administration to stand by what they said, which was cutting back on earmarks and perhaps the one wing of the government that is hurting the most, should not have to worry about cuts for a while.


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What is going to be the total cost of Health Care lobbying? $400million plus?

They are calling it the “super bowl” of heath care reform. Super Bowl because it is costing more than the damn super bowl to put on.

The amount of money lobbyists are spending on health care reform could break records, and now that the five bills before Congress have cleared committee, that spending is going to go on even further

The funny thing is, this article estimates that they have only spent $263 million, however earlier reports suggest as of the first half of this year the figure was $280 million. and the total cost is going to be around $400million.

Enough money for 30,000 families in the U.S to afford health care.

There are more than 3,000 people registered to lobby about health care, almost six lobbyists for every member of Congress

All I know is we seem to be entering a game of he said, she said, the health insurance companies are starting to come out swinging saying this is going to cost more and politicans are shooting it down, something very similar to when Clinton was in office.

Shold we address caps being spent on lobbying? Does that not seem fair considering the amount of money being spent on this, which in the long run, ends up in the pockets of the people that are “suppose to help you”

Im smelling something in the air and its certainly not smelling sweet.



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Once step further to health care and one big slide for the dollar.

a_bad_day_for_the_US_DollarWell folks, we knew it was going to happen and it did, so let me start my saying…


Ahhhh, make sure your grand kids thank you before you die, oh thats right, this thing is not goign to cost us anything is it?

Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, was the lone committee member to cross party lines, breaking with other Republicans to vote for the measure. All the committee’s Democrats supported the bill.

Which we all knew she would as she is as crazy as Brtitney Spears without her drugs

So what the next step

If the House and Senate both manage to pass health care overhaul bills, a conference committee then will negotiate a final version requiring approval from both chambers before going to O-man for his signature. Who as you could imagine when it comes to that will have the biggest hard on ego known to man.

Well folks for the time being, its off behind closed doors in Reid office for the orgy next step, all the while, the dollar is slipping to the yen and euro.

Its going to be a Merry Christmas for everyone!

Knock, Knock? Who’s there? Health Insurance

us_president_barack_obama_spending_money_for_debt_policy_speech_strategy_comic_political_cartoon_economist_funny_best_top_free_greatest1Ahhh back to the heath care battle. The dems are now scrambling behind closed doors as the Health Insurance companies with their huge pocket books are not playing nice anymore.

So once the Senate Finance Committee votes Tuesday on its health care overhaul plan, the focus will shift to the closed doors of Harry Reid’s office.

And then this is where must merge the conservative-leaning Finance Committee legislation with a more liberally drawn bill approved by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

So whats the difference? The Finance Committee bill and the health committee legislation involves a government-run insurance company — the public option.

The health committee bill provides for a robust public option designed to compete head-on with insurance companies and force them to rein in costs.


So what are the health insurance companies doing?

They are sending a strong message that health care legislation will drive up premiums for people who already have coverage comes as a warning shot at a crucial point in the debate, and threatens President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

So whats the fear for the dems you say/ well back in the 90’s it was the Insurance industry that destroyed President Bill Clinton’s health care plan by fanning fears that people with coverage would wind up paying more.

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