UPDATE:Obama IS doing another major prime time yap-fest in regards to Health care

UPDATE: O-man is going to take over the T.V next Wednesday for another shot at taking your tax dollars to pay for health care selling Health Care

For all you people that are mad out there that O-man is taking over your T.V during “Americas got talent”. I’ve got a drinking that I’ll be doing during the “power hour” so feel free to join.
1 Drink everytime he mentions America/Americans
2 Drinks everytime he says “Lies”
3 Drinks everytime he says “acted stupidly”
4 Drinks everytime he mentions “Pelosi” by name
5 Drinks everytime he says “Health Care”


O-man is considering another major yap-fest in regards to health care…which is good, kinda.

He has already done 4 prime-time speeches in his 7 months as President and considering his last one on health care was a fiasco and left mroe questions than answers, one begins to wonder what his next step will be.

But either way, looks like its time to plug in the teleprompter , grab a beer with Gates and Crowley and enjoy the show