Study: Heavy drinkers exercise more than non drinkers

The University of Miami has completed a research that I believe was a very good allocation of university funds and I now I have and huge crush on Sebastian, the hurricanes mascot.

Researchers found that those who reported drinking more alcohol were also more likely to report exercising regularly

Women who reported drinking more than 105 45 drinks in the past month — a behavior that pushed them into the category of fun loving, well balanced alcoholics“heavy drinkers” — exercised 14 more minutes per week on average than those light drinkers who drank one to 14 drinks in the month.

One to 14 drinks per week is a little dissapointing in itself

The results were similar for men, with heavy drinkers — those who threw back 75 drinks per month — exercising 21 minutes more per week than light drinkers who only consumed one to 29 drinks per month and 23 minutes more than abstainers

Drink Up!


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