Ahmadinejad reacts to Obama’s “empty” threats

Well that did’nt take too long, after O-man and Browns sterns yet empty threat this morning Ahmadinejad has replied.

Ahmadinejad says “If I were Obama’s adviser, I would definitely advise him to refrain making this statement because it is definitely a mistake.

He insisted Iran was not keeping anything from the IAEA. “We have no secrecy, we work within the framework of the IAEA, This does not mean we must inform Mr. Obama’s administration of every facility that we have this simply adds to the list of issues to which the United States owes the Iranian nation an apology over.”

He boasted that Obama’s “mistakes” work in Iran’s favor.

Alright o-man, looks like the ball is your court.


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Iran building 2nd Nuke Plant? O-man and crew give idle threats

At the G20 Summit, Obama said The United States, France and Britain have presented “detailed evidence” to the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog that “Iran has been building a covert uranium enrichment facility.

So, O-man and P.M Brown threatened a stiff response if Iran fails to conform to international obligations regarding nuclear development.

Oh really! And what is it you have in mind?? How exactly are you going to “punish” them??

Iran’s newly unveiled uranium enrichment facility “is inconsistent with a peaceful (nuclear) program,” Obama said. “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow.”

White House officials said Western intelligence agencies have been tracking the facility for years. Obama said officials from the United States, France and Britain briefed the IAEA in Vienna on Thursday on what they knew about the facility. The three heads of state decided to publicly disclose the existence of the facility after learning that Iran had become aware the site was no longer a secret. This information was revelved on Friday by the New York Times.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said “We expect a serious response from Iran, such a response is not forthcoming, he said, the six nations will decide on “next steps.”

Well geez, guys this is not friggin kindergarden, you tell me you use the world stage to “out” them and you cant say what the threat is? You think this is going to put them shaking in their boots? I doubt it.


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Protestors, Protestors, everywhere!

I support protesting for your cause, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

What I dont support is the stupid measures people go to, to make a point, ie: Biting off someones finger, Shooting someone, Causing structual damage or hanging from a bridge and putting yourself and others in danger to get it in the newspaper. Which is exactly what these morons protestors from Green peace did.

The banner hung from the West End Bridge over the Ohio River and read like a road sign: “Danger: Climate Destruction Ahead. Reduce CO2 Emissions Now.”

Greenpeace, the environmental activist group, claimed responsibility for the stunt. On its Web site, the group said it wanted to send a message to G-20 leaders with the nearly 80-by-30-foot sign, calling for more attention to the issue of global climate change.

Is common sense, really not that common anymore.

There are ways to help the environment and I’m fairly positive by putting extra police on the road and boats in the water, actually oncly increases the CO2 Emissions!!!

Bravo! You idiots protestors

I’m going to go and burn a tree and empty a can of hair spray!


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