Mrs. John McCain stands up for equailty…new face of NOH8

Cindy McCain is one of the many faces behind the campaign on Proposition 8/NOH8.

Congrats Cindy!

Is it possible the Republicans are finally getting it? And understanding the voters care about a fiscally conservative government that is Liberal??

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LA. justice who refused interracial marriage – Resigns!

A Louisiana justice of the peace who drew criticism for refusing to marry an interracial couple has resigned, the secretary of state’s office said Tuesday.


Bardwell, a justice of the peace for Tangipahoa Parish’s 8th Ward, refused to perform a marriage ceremony for Beth Humphrey, 30, and her boyfriend Terence McKay, 32.

The two were married by another justice of the peace.

So everyone should be happy now, right. Not that quickly.

The couple filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against Bardwell and his wife, Beth Bardwell, on October 20, claiming the two violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.


Give me a break, you are suing the wife, for what answering the phone and asking if you are a mixed couple??

Initial reports were that Bardwell refused to issue a marriage license to the couple, but in the lawsuit Humphrey and McKay say they obtained the license from the parish court clerk’s office and contacted Bardwell to see if he would perform the ceremony and sign the license to legally validate the marriage.

I mean come on, give me a effing break. Now this might get me into trouble.

Do I agree with what he did, no. Do I think he needs to be sued over it, no. Do I think this couple is now in the wrong, yes.

I believe everyone has the right to marry whoever they want, that goes for interracial, gay, people in polygamist realationships and people with disabilities proving everyone is of age…but I also know and understand out there that there is not everyone who agrees with it and providing they cause no harm, which in this case they did’nt, then not everyone should have to abide by your rules, when you dont abide by theres.

We can all live in the same world and be peaceful about it and we should be able to have our opionions that are different to others and thats it, its just an opionion that is different to mine, to yours and I go on with life and respect it.

Let the hate mail begin


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