Stuck in the middle. Harry Reid and the LDS church


Here is a great article from Salt lake Tribune and a blog from one of the many bloggers out there that I thought was worth sharing. Thanks.

Reid who converted during his senior year of college, just last week said this:

“I think some of the most unChristian-like letters, phone calls, contacts I’ve had were from members of the [LDS] church, saying some of the most mean things that are not in the realm of our church doctrine or certainly Christianity,”

There are 14 members of the LDS Church in Congress. Ten are Republicans and four are Democrats

How much of a part does religion have when politicans make their decisions? Should we even take it into account? afterall, we expect a Judge to have no prejeduice, so should we not expect a politician?

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Once step further to health care and one big slide for the dollar.

a_bad_day_for_the_US_DollarWell folks, we knew it was going to happen and it did, so let me start my saying…


Ahhhh, make sure your grand kids thank you before you die, oh thats right, this thing is not goign to cost us anything is it?

Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, was the lone committee member to cross party lines, breaking with other Republicans to vote for the measure. All the committee’s Democrats supported the bill.

Which we all knew she would as she is as crazy as Brtitney Spears without her drugs

So what the next step

If the House and Senate both manage to pass health care overhaul bills, a conference committee then will negotiate a final version requiring approval from both chambers before going to O-man for his signature. Who as you could imagine when it comes to that will have the biggest hard on ego known to man.

Well folks for the time being, its off behind closed doors in Reid office for the orgy next step, all the while, the dollar is slipping to the yen and euro.

Its going to be a Merry Christmas for everyone!

Knock, Knock? Who’s there? Health Insurance

us_president_barack_obama_spending_money_for_debt_policy_speech_strategy_comic_political_cartoon_economist_funny_best_top_free_greatest1Ahhh back to the heath care battle. The dems are now scrambling behind closed doors as the Health Insurance companies with their huge pocket books are not playing nice anymore.

So once the Senate Finance Committee votes Tuesday on its health care overhaul plan, the focus will shift to the closed doors of Harry Reid’s office.

And then this is where must merge the conservative-leaning Finance Committee legislation with a more liberally drawn bill approved by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

So whats the difference? The Finance Committee bill and the health committee legislation involves a government-run insurance company — the public option.

The health committee bill provides for a robust public option designed to compete head-on with insurance companies and force them to rein in costs.


So what are the health insurance companies doing?

They are sending a strong message that health care legislation will drive up premiums for people who already have coverage comes as a warning shot at a crucial point in the debate, and threatens President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

So whats the fear for the dems you say/ well back in the 90’s it was the Insurance industry that destroyed President Bill Clinton’s health care plan by fanning fears that people with coverage would wind up paying more.

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Want a 2 and half day work week? Become a member of Congress.

Ahhhh, remember when Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) boasted that lawmakers would work four or five days a week to bring change to America after the dems taking control of the House in 2006 and then when O-man was running for president?

Well it seems as though those days are over and congress is back in more of a hard working slackass routine.

Members usually get in sometime late on Tuesday and leave on Thursday, yet receive full tax payers dollars in their paychecks at the end of the week.

DAYM!!! How do I get that job again?

But of course, the dems are saying why should they stay when they can get the job in half tha time.

I dont know, let’s rattle off a few things, High unemployment rate, Health care bill, Financial Crisis, Afghanistan, Iraq, Low troop morale, Bailouts, Auto industry…just to name a few things.

Asked about the abbreviated workweeks, Hoyer said Tuesday: “I think you understand why we’re doing it.” He pointed to the appropriations bills stalled in the Senate, but he didn’t cast blame at senators for moving so slowly. “It takes a long time to do it,” he said.

Well, if you will excuse me, need to go chat to my boss and see if I can do the same thing…my guess is once I bring this up to him, I’ll be in the unemployment line with the rest of them tomorrow.

See you at the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving


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Harry Reid does not like the new health care bill, grab a kleenex

Well, well, well, looky here…Mr Ried does not like the new health care bill.

He says: “While this draft bill is a good starting point, it needs improvement before it will work for Nevada. During this time of economic crisis, our state cannot afford to shoulder the second highest increase in Medicaid funding.”

However, harry was assured by his buddy Baucus, that the formula would be changed before the bill goes to committee next week.

So basically, what we saw yesterday is going to be changed, my guess is to have the public option.

Sounds like a few people have lit Baucus’ fuse or his bank account.


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You Lie Vs Loser. Reid, Wilson, Bush and Obama much ado ’bout nothing

harry-reid-fingerEven though as I have pointed out that Obama was late to his hearing which should also have some sort of significance as it was very disrespectful not only to Congress but the American public and the networks the hoopla has been about Wilson’s comment “You Lie

Well in true form of politics, much hoopla is about hoopla depending on the team you bat for. Its been shown time and time again that Dems have “booed” Republicans and vice versa.
T’was not so long ago Reid called Bush a ‘loser’ and got smack about it

There are many examples over history of bad behaviour in Politics.

And beside they all lie, so in fact I think Wilson was just stating the truth, if a dem had of called McCain a liar, I would have been okay with that as well.

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Republicans are ‘A**holes’, says an Obama advisor UPDATE – We have the apology

UPDATE – We have the apology from Van Jones


Van Jones, the Obama administration’s “green jobs” adviser, told a group of listeners earlier in the year that the reason Republicans are stonewalling the president is because they’re “assholes.”

Fair enough, I’m sure many of them are as are most politicans. However, as an advisor of O-man, you might want to stop hanging out with Harry Reid and contracting the same disease he seems to have now.

In case you have not heard, time$ are tough out there and it might not be $o ea$y to get another job.

Fast Forward to around the 40second mark

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Harry Reid has a serious case of foot in mouth disease

It was only a few days ago Reid allegedly said to a Newspaper editor from Nevada “I hope you go out of business”, just as this comment is starting to make headline news around the world after the editor wrote a column on Sunday calling Reid a Thug.

Now it seems as though Harry has put his foot in his mouth again and said that Senator Kennedy’s death is only going to help push the Health Care agenda cause.

Harry seems to have a serious case of verbal diarrhea. Someone needs to get this guy a Pepto-Bismol before he shits throws his career away.


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