Mafia Hit caught on Video

Graphic Video

It was pretty amazing to watch the video in its entirelty, there were so many people around. You see the hit at about the 3.40 mark and then no-one was around.

The video, from five months ago, shows a man in a baseball hat shooting Mariano Bacio Tarracino, 53, who had a Mafia criminal record. He then fires a shot into Tarracino’s head.

Although the killer’s face was visible and there were several bystanders, police have been unable to identify him. None of the witnesses appears to react to the shooting, and police believe that they may fear retaliation.

but with the measly award they are offering, no wonder no-one has come forward, this is the Mafia people, you woudl need to offer millions and move people out of the country with a new identity

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