Police officer faces no charges on allegedly giving away Texas neighbor’s items on Craigslist

bad_neighborI had a friend send me this story this morning

Sherry Johnson Huwitt, saw some strangers outside her Texas home loading her family’s basketball goal into a truck in the early-morning darkness.


When she confronted them, they told her the item had been listed for free on the Craigslist. Sherry spoke to her families and none of them had said they placed the ad. Creepy

Huwitt told the men to take the goal because her husband planned to replace it.

But later someone else took a tetherball goal.

Now, I would be really pissed off

Hewitt then contacted Craiglist, as she should have and she was told the ad came from an e-mail account belonging to one of her neighbors, Arlington police Officer Chad Hickey.

Oooo Hickey, you got some explaining to do, son!!!

Initially Texas police filed a report listing the incident as a forgery, but officers acknowledged at the time they weren’t sure what the correct offense would be.

But it gets worse, this scumbag of a neighbor is going to get off.

The district attorney reviewed the case and “determined that it did not meet any of the elements of the criminal offense of the penal code,” said Sgt. Stan Davis.

Seems to me like the DA and the Po-Po need to find something, arrest and prosecute this scumbag. This is just all sorts of wrong.

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Still awarding cigarette smokers?? Why

phiilip morris

Why are we still awarding smokers and lawyers with something that people have known is bad for them for so many years?

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