Houston….we have take-off, new Mayor elected…oh yeah and she’s gay!

Houston has elected a new mayor, she is out loud and proud and now the new mayor…

Annise Parker won the vote on Saturday night.

Good Luck, make sure you do your city proud.

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No one on ballot for mayor in N.C town.

The Charlotte Observer reports that no one has filed to run for mayor or any of the three town council seats in Spencer Mountain in Gaston County.

The incumbents say the filing deadline just sneaked up on them, but they have a solution: They’ll just show up at the polls and write in each other’s namesSo, I guess if you have nothing to do and would like to be mayor of a town, now might be your time to cash in on those frequent flyer miles.

But apparantly this is not unusual for this tiny town

Write-ins usually solve the problem, but Pinion says Spencer Mountain’s charter keeps incumbents in office until new officials are elected, so the seats won’t be empty.

And it should be cheap to win over the voters…there is only 29 registered people.


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A Domocratic East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer, caught in scandalous pictures?

My, my….what I love about all politicans…sex scandals..Delicious!!!

Eric Brewer is supposidly then woman man behind the scandalous cross dressing pictures.

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer held a press conference and pointed the finger at the East Cleveland Police Department for photos of what is said to be Brewer in drag and various sexual poses.

Who of course denied it.

Either way folks, its juicy stuff and gives the crazy’s on both sides to put fingers at the dems again about sex scandals and the other side to say they dont care about sex scandals.

LOVES IT!! Can you imagine a Dinner party with this guy and Barney Frank, priceless!

In the mean time, I’m just going to say that Eric Brewer, you clearly can work those high heels, you go girl!
eric 1

eric 2
eric 3

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