The 3 O’s fail to bring Olympics. Chicago eliminated first round.

Perhaps it was too many O’s, perhaps it was the crime in Chicago recently, perhaps they were wondering what the hell the president was thinking when he has a country in turmoil flying over to bid for the olympics

Either way Chicago elimanated from the Olympics in the first round

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Obama silent on Chicago crime, too busy hanging with Oprah in Copenhagen

So, here he is off to get the olympics and bid for the city of Chicago with the wife and the bff Oprah why a child has been beaten to death and another seriously injured just in the last couple of days in the streets of Chicago.

So what does Obama say about the crime in Chicago?

…I can’t hear you???

….Sorry, speak up. Is that nothing you say?

You off selling a city that seems to have crime issues, education issues let alone a country that is in a serious Health care debate, Financial problems and have serious questions about what is going on in Afghanistan and you are off jerking selling Chicago to the IOC.

That is showing some great leadership. But nice to see you give a shit care about something else other then yourself. I guess you only care about what your wife and Oprah care about. Maybe they should run the country and we can plant trees and eat organic food and ride our bikes to work.

Especially when you couldn’t shut your pot hole about Gates, but I guess a boy that comes from a lower middle class family in Chicago is worthless to you now that you have there vote.


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Protestors arrested in Chicago

Okay, soooo I think its B.S how they are saying that the Olympics in Chicagoland are not going to cost the tax payers anything as they are privatley funded, by who Oprah??

I guess the yo-yo dieter can afford it.

And Obama is trotting off overseas to bid for the olympics when the country is clearly in financial and emotional turmoil and the health care bid is around the corner and noone has heard anything out of him in regards to health care in a couple of weeks.

But when it comes to protestors, why is it not the average joe protesting…why do all protestors look like this???


Seriously people. Wash your hair and yourself, its not rocket science. Dreads and two tone hair are so late 1990’s. Just No, No, No! Unless your smoking a crack pipe with Courtney Love you should not look like this.

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Mrs Obama wants the Olympics in Chicago, parents in Chicago want kids to go to school and not be beaten to death

The same day that Michelle Obama has vowed to “take no prisoners” in her and her husbands fight to take the Olympics to Chicago a young student was brutally killed while getting caught in the cross fires of a ‘turf” war trying to make his way to the bus.

I am all for supporting the Olympics, no matter where it is in the US. Let’s face it, it brings alot of money to the country and the city, but it also costs a lot of money and when voilence is on the increase between students in school, out of school and just in general on the increase, I cant help but think again, this administration needs to stop and take a breath.

Yes, I am well aware O-man and Mrs O-man can go out on their own and do this thing and she is not part of the administration but it just shows again, O-man was saving health care 2 weeks ago, saving the world last week and now saving Chicago this week, he has his hands in everything.

He needs to stop, focus and be our leader that seems focused on a few things that are going to help the country not be the saviour of everything and acting like J.C.

He is flying the Copenhagen to go after the olympics, when he should be here standing by his nation and bank bailouts and health care, Afghanistan and children getting murdered and beat up on their way to school and fixing that, not flying off to Capenhagen and meeting with the IOC

He is going to drop the ball and lets face it, Congress cant be left alone for too long before they start doing severe damage.

What do you think, too much or still too little?


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