15 year old beaten at bus tunnel, guards watch and report incident.

Talk about brutal

SEATTLE (AP) – Three security guards watched a group of teens punch, kick and rob a 15-year-old girl in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel without intervening.
Security video shows the guards call for help on their radios, but they don’t go to the aid of the girl even as she is being kicked in the head.

A dispute involving a group of 10 teens apparently started inside a department store the evening of Jan. 28 and moved to the bus tunnel at Westlake Station, where the girl was attacked.

Metro Transit General Manager says it’s revising its policy that guards only “observe and report” problems.

Ya Think?

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D.C Snowball fight ends with Gun being drawn

Police said Monday they were looking into reports that the plainclothes officer pulled a gun after he and his personal car were hit by snowballs. Police say witness accounts and videos from the scene appeared to support the claims.
Yikes!!! Someone was not in the Xmas spirit

I have reviewed the video clips and heard from the public,” said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

“It is very obvious to me that the officer pulled his service weapon in response to the snowballs hitting his vehicle. I have no doubt about this, nor has the officer denied the accusations.”


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Fair reporting covering the White House and Obama Administration UPDATE: Van Jones resigns

Who is Van Jones?

Well if you watch or read New York Times, Washington Post, NBC Nightly news, ABC World News or CBS Evening News…you more than likely have never heard that he called republicans Assholes.

This is also the man that said ‘Only white suburban kids shoot up schools’

I’m surprised many of these outlets did not report it, you would think for many they would want it out there that republicans are assholes. I’m sure Van Jones would have received a new fan base.

Van Jones has resigned, so I guess we wont be hearing from him anytime soon

Obama’s Health Care supporter bites off finger of non-supporter

A healthcare reform activist is on the loose today after he bit off the finger of a 65-year-old counter-demonstrator during a fight at a MoveOn.org rally in Thousand Oaks.

That is certainly one way to prove a point.

The “bite off” occurred about 7 p.m. Wednesday at a “We Can’t Afford to Wait Vigil” organized by affiliates of the activist group MoveOn.org, which are the finger biters supporters of President Obama’s healthcare plan. The rally also attracted several counter-protesters.

If you see a man out there running around with a extra pinky, please contact the po-po. In all fairness I’m sure the fight was really over the “fist bump” making a come back and not the “pinky swear”.

funny fist bump

Stranger Slaps crying child in Wal-Mart

Admit it. You have wanted to do the exact same thing at one time in your life.

The difference? Roger Stephens did it.

Stephens approached the crying baby’s mother and said “If you don’t shut the baby up, I will shut her up for you.” Then a few minutes later when the crying baby and the mother were in another aisle, Stephens walked up and slapped the kid.

All those memories are flooding back of a crying baby next to me on a plane and praying for the child to stop before I hit it. Next time I’m just going to hope the guy sitting next to me is Roger Stephens.

bush crying baby

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Police officer faces no charges on allegedly giving away Texas neighbor’s items on Craigslist

bad_neighborI had a friend send me this story this morning

Sherry Johnson Huwitt, saw some strangers outside her Texas home loading her family’s basketball goal into a truck in the early-morning darkness.


When she confronted them, they told her the item had been listed for free on the Craigslist. Sherry spoke to her families and none of them had said they placed the ad. Creepy

Huwitt told the men to take the goal because her husband planned to replace it.

But later someone else took a tetherball goal.

Now, I would be really pissed off

Hewitt then contacted Craiglist, as she should have and she was told the ad came from an e-mail account belonging to one of her neighbors, Arlington police Officer Chad Hickey.

Oooo Hickey, you got some explaining to do, son!!!

Initially Texas police filed a report listing the incident as a forgery, but officers acknowledged at the time they weren’t sure what the correct offense would be.

But it gets worse, this scumbag of a neighbor is going to get off.

The district attorney reviewed the case and “determined that it did not meet any of the elements of the criminal offense of the penal code,” said Sgt. Stan Davis.

Seems to me like the DA and the Po-Po need to find something, arrest and prosecute this scumbag. This is just all sorts of wrong.

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