“We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government” – Barney Frank

Elmer Fudd is at it again

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You Lie Vs Loser. Reid, Wilson, Bush and Obama much ado ’bout nothing

harry-reid-fingerEven though as I have pointed out that Obama was late to his hearing which should also have some sort of significance as it was very disrespectful not only to Congress but the American public and the networks the hoopla has been about Wilson’s comment “You Lie

Well in true form of politics, much hoopla is about hoopla depending on the team you bat for. Its been shown time and time again that Dems have “booed” Republicans and vice versa.
T’was not so long ago Reid called Bush a ‘loser’ and got smack about it

There are many examples over history of bad behaviour in Politics.

And beside they all lie, so in fact I think Wilson was just stating the truth, if a dem had of called McCain a liar, I would have been okay with that as well.

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“There is no such thing as government money – only taxpayer money.” William Weld, quoted in Readers Digest.

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