Men who killed black man in racial attack in Australia – revealed

Clinton David Rintoull and Dylan Giuseppe Sabatino bashed Sudanese refugee Liep Gony to death minutes after one was heard yelling: “I guess I’ll go and take my anger out on some niggers., have finally been revealed.

They have tried to conceal their faces in fear of retaliation…..”fear of retaliation”, sounds funny coming from two guys that decided to beat a guy to death because he was a “black”.Rintoull pleaded guilty to murder and was jailed for 20 years with a minimum of 16 years. Sabatino, 21, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and must serve at least six years of a 10-year term. The terms in itself is part of the problem

BTW – Im guessing with surnames of Rintoull and Sabatino, your family is certainly not “natives” of Australia and once moved to Australia to make a better life for themself.

Racisim in Politics and everything else…enough is enough

The House of Representatives on Tuesday formally admonished Republican Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting “you lie” during President Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress last week.

Okay, so now Congress have offically given Wilson a warning and everyone can feel better about themselves.

And for the record, heckling, beatings, abusive has happened within congressional walls for years, for hundreds of years.

But I will move on, because this is wrong, plain and simple wrong

Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia decided to say “It only happened when this country elected a president of color,”

Hank is black.

Well Hank and Mr Carter, who is white, throwing out the racist card at everyturn is dividing this country, if you think he said it because he was of color, I think you are sorely mistaken.

Obama jumped to the race card during the “Crowleygate” and look where that got him. Yesterday a “white boy” was beaten by “black boys” on a bus, they say it was becuase of his choice of seat and not because he was white – says who?

Although, now I guess we are not allowed to say blacks, but African-American, so does that mean we dont say whites, but Anglo-Saxon?

Is Kayne racist because he was rude to Taylor Swift?

You see my point.

If people keep throwing out the race card at everyturn its not only going to do more damage than what is already been done, but divide the country even further.

If America was so racist, Obama would not be president, Oprah would not be where she was, Colin Powell and Condaliza Rice would not have gotten the jobs they have, Rap Music would not be played on mainstream radio.

People came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina victims because when they watched the news they saw people, not color, but people in trouble.

When Obama was elected president, it was because they saw a man who they thought would have the best interest for them and their country, not becuase they voted for a man of color.

Most people will treat people with respect, caring and understanding if they receive it. If person no matter what color they are treats someone else poorly, mostly they just dont like that person, it does not matter what color they are.

I had hopes that when Obama became President that this race card that so many people played would start to close, it seems to have only widend the gap. And white people that did vote for him are sick of turning on the T.V and seeing everytime something happens, its because Obama is black, eventually that is going to lead to a negative for him. Most people just want to see a human being doing well, no matter what color they are, sure there are extremists, but there are extreamists that blow up abortion clinics, or shot pro-lifers or get in a plane and drive it into the two tallest buildings in NYC or put bombs on planes, trains, buildings, markets and schools.

Its a shame that this card is played so often, its no different that calling every Arab a terrorist, when they are not.


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