So what is George W. Bush upto??

Georgie boy is going to be a motivation speaker.

Not too sure about the motivation part, but I’m sure with George making up his own words as he goes along should be entertaining.

He will be featured as the “special guest speaker” at an October 26 “Get Motivated!” business seminar in Fort Worth, Texas, according to an announcement on the organization’s Web site.

Bush’s former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are set to join Bush at the October 26 event.

What?? I thought Colin Powell did’nt like Bush? I guess the Benjamins always have away of bringing old friends back together again.

So how much for all these people you ask…$500, $1000 nope $4.95, cheaper than a Happy Meal at McDonalds.

Now thats motivation


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“Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.”


Could there be a new “governator” in the city?

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