Elmer Fudd, I mean Barney Frank calls for changing the rules of the Senate.

Oh Barney!!!

Barney gave this interview only a couple of days ago.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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‘God did’nt create the fillibuster’

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Pot meet Kettle…The Tea party Convention only approves media associated heavily with right-wing media


Now these people were screaming at the top of their lungs only a few weeks ago when the Obama administration said Fox News cannot join on Q & A session and The Tea party do this.

Tea Party Nation has released an update on the status of their upcoming convention at the Opryland Hotel which includes the names of five organizations they have granted media access for the entire event three-day event.

Organizers had initially announced the event would be closed, but today Sarah Palin made known her request that her speech be open to media.

The five approved outlets are: Fox News, Breitbart.com, Townhall.com, World Net Daily and The Wall Street Journal. All five are widely considered to be Right-leaning organizations.

Its a shame…the tea party are suppose to cater more to the Libertarians, they are no better than the right-wing nuts when they pull this crap stuff.

Shame on you.

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