Government Tells Amputee to get a job. Benefits will stop.

Todd Cohen was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1994 when he was 19. The cancer led to the amputation of his right leg.

He has an education, but never has held a steady job, allegedly due to pain and difficulties with the amputation of the leg. Although it does not state it anywhere in this article, Im guess the prostetic was paid for by the govt ie:tax payers.

This article does not make me pity the guy or the pity party he is throwing.

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What does the future Budget and Economic Outlook, look like anyway?


I started this blog as I found it frustrating that so many people were getting information about Budgets, Health care, Stimulus, Economy and general politics from magazine articles written in the Rolling Stone, Maxim, etc, Newspaper Articles most often with their own political agenda and politicians who have a way with words.
I am a strong believer in your side, their side and the truth.

I hope that all I do is give you another avenue to look at. To make a better decision for yourself and your future and keep reminding yourselves, the constitution starts out with ‘We the people”, not “We the congress”

I hope to keep my personal opionions to myself and to show that both parties have faults and that they are here to work for the people and not hide behind smoke and mirrors to push their own agenda.

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Inmates get stimulus checks

The government sent about 3,900 economic stimulus payments of $250 each this spring to prison inmates.

2,200 inmates were actually allowed to keep the checks according the the SSA as they were not incarcerated three months before the recovery period, and the other inmates, that was just a “oops”


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Position Available. Great Benefits

291664-23231-10For the past 2 years the Social Security Administration has had 2 very important openings. The Deputy Commisioner is Vacant and the Chief of Staff position, although in all fairness the chief of staff position does have someone in the acting position.

3 out of the top 9 positions in the Social Security Administration are *acting in the position with 1 full vacancy.

For a system that is fastly approaching default, is this wise to keep these positions open? Who are being considered for these positions and are they able to help turn Social security around?

Click to access ssachart.pdf

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