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John MCCain “tweets” the Top 10 pork barrel projects from the Energy & Water conference

Yesterday, John McCain tweeted the top 10 Pork Barrel Projects from the Energy and Water Conference

#1. $6 million for the Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture

#2. $2.25 million for the Montana Bio-Energy Center of Excellence in Montana

#3. $1.2 million for the Alternative Energy School of the Future in Nevada

#4. $2 million for the Algae Research in Washington

#5. $10 million for the Sustainable Energy Research Center in Mississippi

#6. $1.2 million for the Hydrogen Fuel Dispensing Station in West Virginia

#7. $1 million for the Alaska Climate Center in Alaska

#8. $1 million for the Performance Assessment Institute in Nevada

#9. $750,000 for the Algae to Ethanol Research and Evaluation in New Jersey

#10. $1 million for the New School Green Building in New York

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